Decolonizing the Outdoors

Join the Yorklands community for a conversation on how outdoor spaces are being decolonized by Black and Indigenous communities. The Yorklands is honoured to have representatives from the Guelph BIPOC Outdoor Gear Library and from Deyohahage Gihę' gowahneh/Two Row On The Grand to speak about their experiences this summer.

Afterwards there will be a discussion on the need to free outdoor spaces and activities from the lens of colonization, the role of nature in healing and reconciliation, and the ways community members can create space for BIPOC joy.

Exploring the Experiences of BIPOC in Natural Space

Join Dionne Daley and Ciana Hamilton as they explore their own experiences in natural space as Black women, and talk about their work to empower BIPOC to engage in outdoor learning and outdoor experiences. This event was co-hosted by Dr. Dawn Dietrich, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics, University of Guelph and U of G Student Experience.

Diverse and Converse: Nature and The Outdoors with Rogers TV

BIPOC leaders from Guelph and Waterloo Region discuss nature and the outdoors. This month's panelists are:

  • Alexis Charles, Coordinator of Cultural Diversity Programs, University of Guelph

  • Amy Smoke, Land defender/water protector, community organizer, and public speaker

  • Bangishimo, Community organizer, educator, and advocate

  • Dionne Daley, Organizer, BIPOC Outdoor Gear Library – Guelph

  • Ciana, Director, The Village Hearth Community School.

Resources: Learning is happening all around us!

Check out the following resources to engage with important ideas, people and places.

You belong in nature! | 69 Huron Street, Guelph, ON

*by appointment only

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